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sWM was written for small computer system with very little amount of memory and small screen sizes. It was written to speed up working with laptops or even PDA's. You need a minimum of about 12k of diskspace (minimal mode). It uses even less memory than a rxvt.

sWM was successfully tested under Linux Mandrake 7.x/8.0/8.1, debian 2.0/2.1 and SunOS 5.6, but it should also run under other unices like solaris, since it uses only Xlib & stdlib. (and optional Xpm-lib for pixmap support)

Designed for very small memory usage, swm is entirely configured at compile time. Version 1.3.x is configured by a script called configure-swm. If you like to know how you use sWM, take a look at swmdoc-1.3.x-small.jpg picture included in all sWM distributions.

I use swm together with nautilus and the GNOME-panel - runs very fast :-)) Please mail me if you try it.

News: sWM wins "Best of Linux"-Award from DaveCentral. Take a look at the review at: DaveCentral


support@small-window-manager.de Also available on: SourceForge Logo

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