sWM - a small window manager




special hints


SWM was written for small computer system with very little amount of memory and small screen sizes. But it isn't the only way to speed up your system. Most computers run X very, veeeery sloooow because they have too little memory installed. Here are some hints to speed up your system overall performance:

1. use some older (smaller) programs: for example Netscape 3.x runs much faster than 4.x
(do you really need all new features?)

2. use the Tiny-X server: you can find it in the XFree86 4.0 sources under ./programs/Xserver/hw/kdrive.

3. have a look at the: smalllinux-webpage

4. read X-Speedup-faq in swm-1.3.0 package

I would be very pleased if you could mail me further tricks to improve the system's performance.



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